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2014-02-09 13:00

How to check if Checked Mode is enabled on Dartium for the Dart Language

When developing your Dart app you can tell the Dart VM to run in a Checked Mode. This is great when developing as Checked Mode will enable both assertions and type checks for your code.

You can enable this by appending the -c or --checked for the standalone vm for back-end development, or by adding --checked for the environment variables in your operating system prior to starting Dartium for front-end development.

However, there is a neat trick if you want to be notified if Dartium is launched with Checked Mode disabled.

Here is a function that throws an error if Checked Mode is disabled:

void assertCheckMode() {

    try {
        int i = '';
        throw new Exception("Check Mode is disabled!");
    } on TypeError {


And then you can add it to your main() function:

void main() {



And if you visit your site with Dartium with Checked mode disabled, you will get the follow error in the console window:

Dartium throwing an exception

Please note, this should only be added or enabled during development, and not for production.

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